The Beginning

It’s a perfectly normal day for you. You get up, make your bed, eat breakfast, get dressed…it’s not until you get into your car that your phone rings. Flustered, you reach for the phone in your pocket…but it is silent. 10:31, it reads, not the caller ID.
It’s your other phone.
Your eyes widen and you slowly reach into the hidden pocket of your jacket.
“Hello?” you ask hesitantly as you answer it.
“We may have a mission for you, Jordan,” rumbles the bass voice on the other end.
“Mhmm?” you say as you open your garage door and pull your car into it. the door automatically shuts.
“Yes. Come to Paraguay by eleven and we’ll explain.”
You swear and hang up. Paraguay? In a half hour?
Do you:
1) Transform your car and fly to Paraguay for you mission? or
2) Go to your job as a receptionist?
Only you can choose…

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