"Buuuurrn It All!"

The night sky echoed with the raucous cries of the village. A small flame leaped up above the houses, sending a trickle of smoke into the atmosphere.

“Yeah, yeah, burns it we does! Buuurrrns it!” a man yelled in a rough voice.

“Kills ‘em we does, kills ‘em, yeah!” a little boy added.

“Filet ‘em’s fibahs fah supper, we does!”

Pitchforks and torches were handed around, tossed on the ever-growing flame. A firy-eyed man stepped up to the podium.

“Tonight is the night we will remember for the rest of our lives! Tonight is the night that we have come to know the firy end of its vicious tyranny, the end of its reign of terror. It has plagued us for too long!”

Echoes of “too long” resounded through the crowd. “Burn it all!” they chanted.

The man smiled with bloodlust and heaved a tank of gasoline into the flames. The resulting fireball punched through the darkness.

“Our children are imprisoned no more! For this is the night that Homework was killed!”

The crowd roared.

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