Feigned Surprise

“You may be asking, ‘How is he still alive?’” Wednesday moved her arms with grandiose gestures. The audience gasped as Burtininkas appeared upstage.
“Wednesday, dearest! I do believe you’ve ruined my birthday present!” He feigned surprise. Wednesday’s jaw slackened for a moment, but she quickly righted herself.
“Don’t ever try to pull something like that again!” Burtininkas roared off stage.
“I just thought,” Wednesday pouted. “Maybe they’d like to see something… different.”
“My new act was different!” His anger was rising.
“What’s different about pulling rabbits out of a hat?” Her anger matched his.
“Fine, You think you can do better?” Burtininkas’ eyes softened. “I’d like your help. I need something extraordinary. Please.” Wednesday saw the pleading in his eyes and complied. And, she thought she saw a smirk.

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