Mysteries Abound at Sea

After weeks aboard the frigate, Thomas reported to the
Captain. Pete, by this time, was quite impressed with his new deckhand. With the exception of Rupert, most of the crew had died during the encounter with sea serpents. As first mate, Thomas was now charged with caring for the ship’s cargo freight and deck crew. He learned to organize the look-out watches, typically 6 hours on and 6 hours off for
each crew member.

“Hear ye th’ sirens, Sir Thomas?â€? Pirate Pete said as he adjusted the rigging of the main-mast.

“Nay! I hear lava gulls, Cap’n. Do sirens exist?â€? Thomas asked Pirate Pete with wide eyes. He was standing near the bunt of the main-mast, feet dangling precariously from the thicket rope of the long wooden yard.

“Aye, Thomas. As real as Rupert’s old wooden leg they are, and not a league away. Mysteries abound at sea and you’ll find things aren’t oft’ what they first seem to be. Look into the spyglass and you’ll see them.â€? Pirate Pete said.
“Quartermaster, how many leagues to Fire Island?â€?

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