Diary of the Wizened Environmentalist

Nobody remembers the Earth from yesterday. All we know is that everything spiraled downhill and crashed almost 5 hundred years ago, and we’re still paying the price. Back when the population was around 7 billion, back when cars were the primary means of transport, some using a gallon of gas every 12 miles. Way back, before the anti-pollution laws were passed, before the whole world was united under the politician James Roscher.
Quite a lot of things have changed. Ozone subs-not quite as good as Mother Nature’s model, but enough to stop melanoma in its tracks. The superefficient bike, faster than cars that runs on our energy that we store up over time. Heating garbage to such extreme points that it vaporizes in space. Nanobots, that have healed all our cancers and reprogrammed our systems so that we only reproduce every 20 years
Some people don’t remember. Of course, nobody remembers, but some don’t respond to the psychvids. That’s why there’s a Rebellion, to get earth back to the suicidal racetrack it was on.

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