Stuck (not writers block, fortunately :D)

Erynne was stuck; there was no way around it. Stuck in stupid Puck’s Forest (though the inhabitants here called it the Black Forest, which was stupid because it was as green as any other forest.) No, the only thing that made it different was that it was Puck’s, and as such, it was impossible to find one’s way out of without magic string, unedible breadcrumbs, the Gingerbread Witch, and the like. Or I could call a Unicorn, Erynne mused as she trailed through another ravine. If there is such thing as a Golden Apple, and such thing as Unicorns. Besides, one hasn’t been called in years and years. Too dangerous and…
Suddenly, Rhyannon’s voice floated through her head: “Rules are made to be broken.”
Reinvigorated, she grinned and traipsed through the forest, though she was actually trying to figure out how to make or find a Golden Apple, while hoping to stumble across it.
What’s that the humans say? Two frogs with one rock? Or something…

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