Long Lost Relative (of the Chicken Queen)

Becky went through her session as if it was a dream.The psychiatrist asked questions and she answered briefly,there was a chance that she wasn’t crazy.

The house was broken-down.It was in part of town where most of the the hobos lived.She knocked and the door fell down.It created a loud boom that seemed to be against all laws in the house.Then out of nowhere,someone said,

“Who’s there?”

Becky nearly screamed,and she saw a withered old man that had been behind her.

He looks like Gollum. she thought.That was good, he couldn’t hurt her,and if he tried to she’d break his brittle old bones.That was, assuming he had no thugs somewhere in the house.

“Do you know Anne Livenhill?”

The old man smiled. He laughed, which reminded her of nails against blackboard.

“So, who’s asking me?”

“I’m her daughter.”

“Oh look,my granddaughter’s visiting me. If you expect grandma to bake cookies for you,she kicked the bucket a long time ago.”

Becky was shocked.Chickens were no longer the problem.

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