Gracie 2

She was cold and a little rattled, afraid to look back, so she walked faster.
A hand touched her shoulder, she whirled around with her purse in full swing.
Ouch! Gracie, it’s me Jeff, your neighbor. Oh, Jeff I’m sorry.
You scared me. Jeff sneakered.
Your not funny. Kinda funny, not even alittle funny Jeff said walking backwards. Maybe alittle she smiled.
Goin home, want me to walk you? Whatever, could I stop you?
Jeff walked Gracie to her door.
He looked at her and leaned in close, see you tomorrow then he bounced off down the hall.
Funny! She yelled.
Her three cats met her at the door franticly purring.
Oh you must be starving, sorry I’m so late.
Come on, I’ll feed you.
Gracie didn’t realize she left the door open .
She fed the cats, came back, saw the door and rushed over to closed it.
The place was still dark, her back against the door her eye’s darted to every corner of the room.
She heard a door creaking. It came from the hall.

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