It Is Not Wise

Pandai pushed her hair from her face. “It’s not wise.” Pandai had dark blue hair, so blue it was nearly black, and very pale skin. She was terribly thin, and in several spots, you could see her bones.
Her peer, however, were not looking, nor were they listening to her. They were intent on setting fire to the old barnhouse just beyond the wood. Bolond turned to tease her. “It may noy be wise, dear Pandai, but it is jolly good fun!” Pandai shook her head and wept silently. Only she knew their fate.
Norec lit the match, unaware of the small animals still inside. Pandai jumped into her path. “Please,” she begged, “it is not wise!”
Norec, Bolond, and the others rejoiced in their act of arson. “Huzzah!” They cried with the first leap of the flames. Pandai ran into the barn to rescue the poor souls, and that, reader, is how wisdom was lost.

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