Ficlet Nirvana?

I just reread King Serystheus so a song is stuck in my head…
If I die and go to hell real soon,
it will appear to me as THIS room,
and for eternity I’d lay in bed
in my boxers, half stoned
with a pillow under my head…
I called her on the phone and she touched herself,
she touched herself, she touched herself!
Called her on the phone and she touched herself
I laughed myself to sleeeeeeep

and then it repeats, which sucks. This is not going to be a very good ficlet, since I’m stealing a large portion of it from Say Anything’s “Wow, I can get sexual too.” And doing this is going to make this mature. CRAP
I hate labeling my stories mature, then nobody ever reads them, much less comments on them. sigh
Oh well, this is crap anyway. I need to think of something cool to write. Why is that guy wearing a button up shirt? This is college! People come to school in their pajamas for crying out loud! What’s he doing in a button up shirt? Oh well, it’s not like he’s normal any other day. Uh oh, I’m talking about..

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