The Lost Species

Swollen mosquitoes hovered lazily around his sweaty face. He spat out a glob of saliva and drank away his water bottle. It was absolutely terrible in this jungle.

He hacked away for a few more minutes, then finally sat down for a breather. My supplies are running low, he thought. I have to find this thing before I get lost forever.

He jumped as a hairy leg reached at his arm. A small squeak escaped his lips as he bolted from the disgusting arachnid.

He sighed. This jungle was full of surprises, usually the “things-you-don’t-want-to-find-in-your-bed” kind. He swung his machete just a few more strokes and…he gasped.

A small figure lay crouched in the bushes beyond, furiously moving its hands in some odd form. He parted the bushes to reveal….

A man looking back at him, a surprised expression on his face, hunched over a notebook and pen. The explorer gasped again. This was it! This was what he had traveled so long to find! A real writer!

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