Pawn Storm

Humming as he turned his key in the lock, George slipped inside the small unused storage room in the basement of the university museum. It had once been used as a stronghold that held the wealth of a Pharaoh, but was now vacant save for a covered object hiding in one dusty corner. Chuckling, he thought of the irony that a museum should play host to such a stolen artifact.

Barring the door behind him, he removed the sheet to reveal a glass display case the size of an upright coffin. Suspended inside was a bow and quiver of arrows plated in solid Aztec gold, the remnants of a godly war waged centuries before.

According to legend, these were the very objects that the evil deity Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli used in his attempt to blot out the sun. When he failed and the golden arrow pierced his own heart, his very soul was imprisoned inside, waiting for the time he could be released to wreak destruction on the world. George traced the shape of the bow through the glass.

The time of the Morning Star was rising.

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