Till it's Gone

The city keeps on rolling outside the window, but within these four walls everything remains forever the same. As long as I keep your picture in a frame by my bed a part of me believes a part of you never died.

The whole world is moving, but I am standing still. And as long as I remain motionless, there you are, the way you live inside my memory – hair falling into green eyes that melted me and kept me whole at the same time. And strong hands. For some reason I always noticed your hands.

Mine fit perfectly inside of yours.

How cliche.

It’s days like today that make me wish I could let it all go – let my perfect memory of you, the way you were before, drain out of my memory bank. Days like today that make me wish I never knew you, never loved you.

Where did the good go, when it faded from the sparkle in your eye? And when the kindness in your voice was replaced with something harder, what then? What about me?

I only wish I knew.

Sometimes I wish I could let it all go. Nothing is real till it’s gone.

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