Red Giant

Maybe a little before the turn of the twenty-first century, scientists got in their heads that the Sun would continue to burn for another five billion years. They also got in their heads the theory of evolution, the Big Bang, and a whole buncha other stuff that’s been disproved since 2500.

Anyway, we won’t get into that. What’s important is that they were wrong about the Sun’s life span, very wrong, in fact. Only one thousand years after that prediction, not five billion, and the Sun is already increasing in size. Our scientists predict a Red Giant in just a few years! Unfortunately, a Red Giant being, well…giant, it would eventually swallow Earth as it grew.

For the past decade or so, we’ve been trying to remedy this problem. Now, after years of laborious work, I think we may have actually done it. The grand escape plan for Earth, to rip away from the orbit of the Sun, even the solar system, to ensure our safety.

Now, the plan is about to be put into action.

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