Squirrel Chaser or Lady in Red

She was dressed all in red. From her large floppy hat to her pointy shoes. Purse, gloves,stockings, all glaringly red . Her gloved hand held a red leash, attached to that red leash was an Irish setter, which looked up at Lt. Berner with glazed disinteested eyes.
“I understand ma’am, your the one that found the body”,Lt.Berner asked.
“O yes, how dreadful, I was walking my Peechiepoo through the park as I always do”, she said.

“I understand the perp beat feet ,er ran off”, the LT said.

The Irish setter chased off after a squirrel, jumped in a bush and pounced apon the perp in question. The thug held a Smith & Wesson 9mm in his beefy hand.
The lady in red whacked the perp on the head with her heavy purse, he dropped to the ground . The lady in red ran off in a firey blur, after her beloved Peechiepoo.

Lt. Berner handcuffed the suspect. It was the easiest collar of his career.

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