When Eagles Fly

The propellors’ blades drowned out all other sound as the bi-plane made a sweep of the island. Brass Eagle looked back at his crew, the four people he most cared about in the world. He was going to get them out of here, Caretaker or no Caretaker.

Speaking of which, he thought, training his eyes back on the ground at the looming tower. “All right, guys, listen up!” he yelled over the whine of the plane. “If we’re gonna get off this island, you’re gonna follow every phase of the plan! Finn and Anonymous, you’re going to…?”

“Parachute down to the top of the tower and wait for the Caretaker’s next heli delivery,” Finn said. Eagle nodded.

“After that, I’ll bring the plane back down to the hiding spot we had for it, then Mug and I will go for the tower from ground level. We’ll take care of the Caretaker ourselves.” An unfortunate turn of words, he thought.

“And I’ll stay in the plane, acting as if I don’t exist,” mumbled Grasshopper.

“Good man. Finn, Anonymous? Go!”

They went.

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