I gasped and sobbed, blubbering like a baby. What was I going to do? He had me everywhere…was he driving me insane? I was banned from the internet, but…

I ran over. The pull was too much, somehow.

tinytina909: goawaygoawaygoaway PLEASE !

?: No.

I started crying.

tinytina909: PLEASE! GO AWAY ! Y AGJ U DIOGN ?

I couldn’t even type anymore.

?: I know where you are, every day, every passing minute. Would you like to know the same about me?

I nodded fearfully, then realized that I was at a computer.

tinytina909: will u stop follwing me or whatevr ur doing?

?: Maybe, and maybe not. Do you want me to tell you?

I bit my lip.


?: Sure?

tinytina909: do it! stop doing this and just tell me!

?: Turn around.

? has gone Away.

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