Michael Jackson is Dead

“Hey, Mark, guess what!” said Karl as he ran from his computer.

“What is it, Karl?” asked Mark as he turned from the television.

“Michael Jackson is dead!” exclaimed Karl, in mock devastation.

“Oh, really? Curious it wasn’t all over the news…I’m assuming you mean the “King of Pop”?” replied Mark, looking back at the TV.

“Uhhh, yeah, the King of Pop, you know, he made Thriller?” said Karl, a bit stunned.

“Yeah, I know. I don’t really care.”

“Oh, then I guess you won’t care that I was just kidding, it wasn’t that Michael Jackson that died.”

“IT WASN ’T???” asked Mark, turning completely around on the couch, to look at Karl. “Then who was it!?!”

Karl took a step back from Mark “The..uh…beer hunter guy.”

“THE BEER HUNTER ’S DEAD ??? NOOOOO !!!! He had so much life left to live, and so much more beer to drink!” Mark ran to his room, and locked the door behind him. All Karl could hear was the sound of his sobs for the rest of the night.

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