You read it, You name it.(little more)

He gave her a nod, his sandy hair coming to meet his bright azure eyes. She met his with her own grey ones, unshaken.

“I’m here, early, now what is it you wanted?” she inquired, her mouth moving faster than her brain. She wasn’t thinking, just running off instinct. Then again, instinct disappears after a while. She may have been going off impulse.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he replied in a voice as icy as his stare. It wasn’t raspy, it was even deep, but it was cold. When she had first heard it she had nearly had a heart attack from the chills it sent down her spine. But her voice was what he feared most now. She knew it was. He never showed it though. Every time she saw the fear in his eyes when it couldn’t be kept back, she wanted to die laughing. But she didn’t. She stood stiff as a board, waiting for her orders.

“I want you to get rid of that boyfriend of yours,” he said. He had no clue what she had in her pocket. She intended to keep it that way.

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