What have I come to?

“No! Please.. you don’t understan-”

“I think I understand perfectly!! WE’RE DONE !” he yells and storms off, leaving me heartbroken and confused.

This isn’t happening! I think as I begin crying. Well if that’s how he wants it, fine! Maybe I was wrong in loving him, maybe I should just kill him like I’ve been ordered! Furious and breathing hard, I pulled out my gun, loaded it, and placed my index finger on the trigger, ready to fire.

I lowered the gun, and started bawling some more. What am I thinking?! Shade’s right – I have been changing, and for the worse! Killing people to solve my problems?! What have I become?

I fall to the ground, completely and utterly defeated – which was a fairly idiotic idea – the gun was still loaded. Once the gun made contact with the ground, it fired. Fired a bullet right into my foot. And it couldn’t even be my regular foot, no. It fired right into the center of the burn.

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