It Can Always Be Worse

“Yes, what a wonderful idea,â€? Jo drawled sarcastically as she watched another Tyrannosaurus Rex gallop into the clearing . “Come on Jo! Let’s play with the space/time continuum! Won’t it be fun?â€? Her mocking tone could carve an ice sculpture.

“Well, I didn’t think we could actually bend space and time…â€? Ralph replied miserably. The two of them had squished into the opening of a small cave to avoid the jaws of a pair of very large, and very, very real dinosaurs that were sniffing about outside. “I thought the most that we could do would be stopping the clock for a moment.â€?

“And yet here we are in the Cretaceous. I hate you so much,â€? Jo snarled. “I hope you came up with a contingency plan for reversing this special little time rift?â€?

Ralph whimpered as a roar shook the rock. “Hadn’t really gotten there.â€?

“If these dinosaurs don’t kill you, I will.â€?

“Well it could be worse,â€? he told her.

“Really? How.â€?

“They could be genetically engineered velociraptors.â€?

“Have I mentioned how much I hate you?â€?

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