Smoke- The Question

That stopped me.When I had originally set out to meet the Smoke I had one question I wanted answered: Where the hell did my parents go? But now I had several questions.Why on earth was the Smoke a dragon the first time? but if the answer was just because I felt like it,that answer was not worth my while.
“Quite” commented the Smoke.
And why was it bothering to talk to me?Was I special in some way?but if the answer was because I like messing with people then that answer wasn’t worth it either.
The Smoke chuckled, apparently amused.
I tried to glare at it, but it hadn’t formed into anything so I didnt really know what to glare at.This just made it laugh more.
I thought entered my head briefly… but no, I pushed it away. The Smoke suddenly stopped laughing and everything went eerily silent.
Suddenly the Smoke roared,”Your question, I answer.Your fate, be sealed.The Smoke lies the answer on the ground by your feet!”
The smoke faded quickly away, and sitting on the ground by my feet was a large green egg.

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