S.S. Nancy the 2nd

“Grandpa, I’m gateful we were rescued from the S.S. Nancy last summer and all, but i’d really rather not go on another excursion with you this summer, if its all the same to you”.

“Boy you need some sun, get some color in your cheeks, your as white as the shorts I used as a flag to get us rescued.”

“Grandpa, this raft is worse then the last one, we wont both fit on it”.

“Boy all you do is complain, your just like your mother, when I was your age..”.

“Alright I’ll go,sheesh not another ‘when I was your age’ stories, please spare me, I’d rather be eaten by hungry sharks”.

“Boy, that can be arranged. Now paint the name on, get this trip on the road”.

“The road?, well, less chance of us drowning on the road I suppose”.

“Don’t sass me boy, I’ll show you what your grandpas’ made of, give ya a butt whuppin to end all butt whuppins”.

“Butt whuppin?”

“Just get this thing in the water boy. Bugger the rope broke again now I gotta retie it. Move over i’ll show ya how its’ done.”

” Bugger “

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