Molly, Robin Hood of Mars Episode I: Slut Machine

The Slut Machine was one of the most dreadful weapons ever conceived by Martian science. Exposure to it’s terrible radiation could turn the most virtuous Barsoomian woman into a harlot, subject to the debased desires of the weapon’s wielder. Luckily, Molly’s parents were from Earth, insuring her immunity. Lucky; because Molly had just stolen it 10 minutes ago.

Molly, the greatest thief on Barsoom (Mars in the language of Earth), vaulted across the rooftops of Helium, Barsoom’s capital city, rushing to her meeting with her trusted fence, Boros Mnich. It was odd that Boros would want to meet in Helium’s slums, but thoughts of the money she would make from selling this item erased all doubts. From this sale, she could buy a new water synthesizer for the Green Martian internment camp, with a bit left over.

Molly alighted in the appointed alley, and found Boros, his usual grin replaced with a look of dread. “Sorry, Moll,” he croaked, as Imperial Terror-Troops uncloaked. Molly unslung her bow and turned to fight…

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