Jumble of Random thoughts in My head: the hardest challenge on Ficlet

Ok I just read the challenge again, after reading all those sequesls, and it doesnt say we cant use the backspace key, it says not to delete and so far i havent deleted anything, but i probably should have.

ok i used the enter key, im allowed.

now im trying to think of a funny title. i just used the back key again ha.

now i forgot to Capatilize, o well.

voices in the other room are distrating me. im lookingg at the characther thung and relizing that by useing the back key i was deleting wasnit it, my bad.

This is a very hard challenge. I did enjoy reall.. reading all of them. i wish Stovohobo had written one.

He taught me to use the enter key so my writing wasnt all jumbled up. yay Stovo.

i want to edit so bad, this stream of conscionous makes me look like i can’t spell. Thank God for spell check.

Does anyone else get annoyed as i do with the characters left thing. grrr.

ok thinking of a title, what should i called this jumble of random thoughts in my head., uho close to e

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