goodness gracious

hm…a ficlet challenge. that kermit guy said it was the hardest challenge. i wonder if it is…poo, i hav eto practice violin. i havea chair test tomorrow. im screwed. supposed to email my dance teacher..i don’t know her email…
gosh typing is so slow…thoughts run much faster…kind of like the ansible from ender’s game…haha that author’s mormon, so am i!!! lol. good grief.
gosh why does that kid have a girlfriend? its so annoying. aah im not thinking anything..hehe, blank head. wow kermit was right, this is a hard challenge. this reminds me of my old englsh teacher. whenever we couldnt think ofanything to write, we had to write ‘i cant think of anything to write’. it was fun. hahaha, that thing’s blinking. i dont know why. aaah my internet!! gosh, i still have 238 characters left? danguh, this is hard. and my typing sucks. everyone’s going to think im a retard. lee is anoying..i wish we weren’t the last people on the bus…i really don’t care about yoru pizza and crap, lee. yay its almos the en

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