The Return of the Ant: {Watch your Step}

“I cannot believe it, unfriggin believable, your back and you stepped on me again, not only that you crushed my whole friggin family”!

“Where else am I supposed to walk you miserable liddle ant, what i gotta fly through the air like a bird to avoid steppin on all you poor unfortunate ants?”

“You fly,ha i”d like to see that”.

“Watch it ant. You got a pretty big mouth for such a liddle bug”.

“O ,what are you gona do step on me again?, i’d like to see you try”.

“O yeah, take that. Ewwww, what the heck did i just step in?”

“Ha,thats what you get for picking on a little tiny ant. Why dontcha pick on someone your own size. If you can find anything thats’ friggin big as you.”

“Here liddle ant, why don’t you finish my choca mocha latte”?

“Friggin trying to drown me now, you friggin sadistic cow?
Come on guys follow me into this friggin ladys’ grocery bag. Form an orderly line.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaah, get em off, get em off”!!!

“That’ll friggin teach you to mess with me.”

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