Ode to The Old Days

The problem with youngsters these days
Is that their pants are far too big.
They hang so low, they always go,
They show off all their digs.

These days we also hear gross slang,
The kind we wished we never heard.
They drawl, they drool, they cuss, they spit,
They slur out every word.

No, the really bad thing these days
Is the way the youngsters walk it.
They slide, they sidle, they ride, they ridle,
Until their pelvises are out of sockets.

No, really, the worst thing these days
Is the way the youngsters have fun.
‘Cause back in my day, we didn’t play,
Our work was never done.

Yes, there are many things wrong with the young today,
And I hope I have enlightened you.
‘Cause, surely, their clothes, slang, fun, their walk,
Should really, completely frighten you.

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