I Should Have Cried

I was looking through the crowd from the back of St. Norberts for my little sister Moira and my brothers when my ex husband aproached me, air kissing both my cheeks.

Ours was a horrendous marriage, thankfully lasting all of four months. What was I thinking?

“Thank you for coming Marco”, I said through clenched teeth.

“Nothing could have kept me away”, he grinned.

If paparazzi were present, you could bet that Marco Suisse wouldn’t be too far behind.

I was grateful he had left his bimbo of the month back home or daycare.

After our fathers’ funeral, seated in the back of my limo, that’s when I cried, out of sight of my family and especially the always watchful cameras’ eye.

I can see the tabloid headlines now Singer Eve Silvana Breaks Down at Estranged Fathers’ Funeral. I should have cried and let them see me, show them I was human and had feelings, that I did love my father, the bas.. no I wouldn’t go there, not today, lets bury him with the past.

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