Just Another Day at the Office

I sighed. This place, so mundane, so…human. It reeked of it, as if one of the more powerful gods decided to kill off every last human on the block and chuck them in here.

But that only meant it was the perfect disguise. I rubbed my temples, hopped into the elevator and pressed the button for floor 777. To the obese woman beside me, it looked as though I had pressed a blank sheet of stainless steel. She looked at me. I looked back.

She looked away.

I smiled and got off at what looked like an empty floor to her, while really, it was a bustling office, complete with cubicles and ranting coworkers. These coworkers just happened to have tentacles springing out of unlikely spots.

A woman drew up beside me as I headed for my office. “Demeter’s on line one, she says she wants the figures for next week’s weather.”

“Tell her it’ll pour rain,” I said, making it up on the spot. After all, was Demeter paying? No. So did my prophecies have to be correct? Again, no.

I went into my office.

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