Ghostly Photo

It must be the wine. Surely the clouds in the black and white photo of a church graveyard , they didn’t move, they couldn’t have…

“Is something the matter, Wallie”, Vanessa, my newest conquest from work said.

“Wha.. what, O no nothing, I..I just thought I saw something, it’s nothing, now were were we, O yes I was just about to..”, but she interrupted me.

“That photo, the one you said you don’t remember taking, it’s very haunting, It’s giving me the creeps, I’ll swear when I looked at it when I first came in here, I swear there was no one in the belfry tower before”, She said.

And there it was, a figure I too hadn’t noticed, no wasn’t there before. But how could it be? Ok I was officially freaked out now.

“Um ,what do you say we go to your apartment my love, ” I gallantly suggested”.

The Photo fell off the wall, glass shattering, jagged pieces flying in all directions.

I shoved past Vanessa to the door, from behind me I heard her scream. Coward that i am, I did not turn back.

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