“Scarlet!” Scarlet lifted her head. It felt heavy, like her chains. She tried to identify the speaker. It was the same voice that had told her to be with Charlie. The same voice that said he loved her, despite her crimes.
“Holden!” Scarlet exclaimed in a carefully hushed whisper. “Oh, Holden, help me!” Holden unlocked her shackles with a skeleton key. He grabbed her hand, and together they ran into the darkness.

Once safely outside, Scarlet grabbed Holden’s face and kissed him. “I was poor in my judgement,” he apologized, and they kissed again. “I never should have left you,” he kissed her more forceably. Lights appeared near the alleyway in which they stood.
“We have to keep going.” Scarlet pulled away reluctantly. This time, they didn’t stop until they’d reached Gate 57 at the airport. “We’re running away, together.” Holden smiled at her.

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