The morning (Onomatopoeia)


“OW!” I had hit my head on the upper bunk of my bed, I was not yet accustomed to the bottom.

“WHEE!!” BUMP My brother jumped down from the other bunk.

“GAH! I wish you wouldn’t do that!” I exclaimed.

SMACK he hit me playfully “Aw, but it’s fun!” he yelled as he ran off.

“GRRR!!! I’m gonna get you, little boy!” I stomped off down the hall, THUMP THUMP THUMP I was heavy set, and my brother was a nimble little twig of a boy, so I’m sure he was already downstairs.

My knee cracked again, and I paused to massage it a bit, the cartilage in my knee had been cracking lately, and I still hadn’t gotten used to it.

sigh I gave up my chase and returned to my room to get ready for school.

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