Getting Involved - Brother Edition

“Is there any other was I can catch the stalker without breaking my computer!?” I ask him, losing my tolerance with him because of his last remark.

“I told you, you’d have to hack into th-”

“Wait, hack? Can’t you like, go to jail for that?!”

“Psh, you would at least.”


That probably wasn’t the smartest idea in the world.. I think as I look down at my bloody hand. I probably should have figured the glass would break if I hit it. I’m such an idiot..

“I told you – everything you’re not!” I would’ve broken my TV screen too, but my hand was bloody enough, and I didn’t exactly feel like getting electricuted. I rushed to my bathroom to find my brother, again.

“Whoa!! What happened to your” .. hand? “face?” he says, one of his usual remarks.

“Way to notice I’m bleeding!” I say and push past him, heading for the ACE bandages mom used to put on me.

“Whatever. I’m going to go use your computer, mine’s broken.” he says as he runs out the room.


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