EEK !!! Owowowow, im here. O, rly? U like Matt? I…dont care. Actually,i’ve known 4 a while since u’ve told about 10 BILLION ppl…I’ll b rly suprised if he doesnt find out 2nite. Stupid child.
Ow! Y do u keep xing me and then making me pop up evry time ur frend answrs? Its hard gettin from cyberspace 2 ur computr in .00000013 seconds, u no, and I have a record 2 break w/ crzymormonchick here. U should c it wen u IM her! Of course, u do c it… but humans dont notice fine details of anything, do they?
OOWW . Splitting me in2 2 windows is not pleasant, u little moron. Gosh, I h8 bein a window! And not even a rl one…u no, we hear about them sometimes…rl glass, can u imagine? Of crse, u’ve probly c’n 1…or 2…or 2 many 2 count.
Ow. this sux. I h8 this.

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