Of Jibjabbing Whangerdoodles and Krakenbiscuits (Portmanteau)

“Lo! I see a fiendchild approaching!”

“A fiendchild? What the heck is a fiendchild?”

“Oh…actually, I’m not sure. I assume it’s closely related to a krakenbiscuit.”


“A krakenbiscuit. Yes, I’m sure a fiendchild is closely related to a krakenbiscuit.”

“That makes no sense. You’re making these things up!”

“You would call me a jibjabbing whangerdoodle!?! My friend, you are but a shamebeing in my eyes.”


“Sorry doesn’t cut the cripcrap.”

“Okay…you know, I think I’m going to move.”

“All right, but just remember, it’s not the whereplace you move to, it’s the peoplethings you meet.”

“Actually, I think I’m better off without meeting peoplethings, especially really weird ones at that. Bye.”

“You’re beleaving?”


“No, beleaving. Saying byebye to your favorite neighbor?”



The other neighbor took a last concerned glance in his direction and hurried off in the general direction of Anywherebuthere.

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