The Ultimate: He Lives On

The sea spray threw a salty mist into Brass Eagle’s eyes as they flew low across the ocean, away from the island growing ever-smaller behind them. They were leaving it for good. The Caretaker was…taken care of, everyone was back together, and all was well.

“I’m bored,” whined Finn from the back, crammed in with Mug.

“What, one death-defying adventure not enough for ya?” Brass Eagle asked.

Finn sighed.

“So are you sure the Caretaker’s really dead?” Grasshopper asked from the very back seat.

“Well, seeing as twelve thousand tons of molten metal is cocooning him as of yet, I’d say yes.”

“But what about the clones? From what you told me he said, couldn’t they still be alive? Why should they die? They’re us.”

“Grasshopper, it’s okay to worry, but really, the Caretaker’s dead along with all the clones. We won’t be seeing them…soon…” Brass Eagle’s eyes widened as he wheeled around in the pilot’s seat.

In the very back seat, Grasshopper’s eyes turned a weird green.


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