School and How It Drove Me Insane

Smiling hugely, I heartily slammed my textbooks down. A gruesome spasm twisted my face. I looked down. AP Calc and English Lit were sitting quite innocently on my toes. They seemed to leer at me.

“What the f-” A passing teacher glared, her lemon lips puckered angrily. “-fruit loop.”

Beet-red and muttering incoherently, I headed to Chemistry. My fellow prison-mates stared as I passed by. Probably worrying about the state of my mental health. School always poked my sanity full of holes. Like swiss cheese.

I texted my best friend while poking dubiously at the chunks floating in my beaker. They looked like pieces of raw squirrel meat masquerading as a lab assignment.

wt ru doing?

A moment later, she answered.

guy stalking
jk. math. u?

I looked up as the teacher spoke, feigned adoration, then looked back at my cell.

...wrm sweet tasty
yuck keep ur bf drama 2 urself
im talking about cookies u dork

I blushed. My lab partner smiled seductively “back”. Ew.

Someone just kill me now.

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