Come What May, Pt. 107

I look around, searching for my father. He knew we would be coming…certainly he’s here. “Mom, where’s Daddy?”

My mother’s expression changes from happy to sorrowful. She knows what I’m thinking. “I’m sorry Dream. He had to go to Texas for a very important corporation meeting. He wishes that he could be here to see you and to meet Oliver.”

I shrug my shoulders. “No, really…it’s okay. Besides, I’ve got the most important man in my life here with me.” My mother looks puzzled, and I realize what I’ve said. “Well, besides Peter, of course. He sends his greetings, by the way. Wishes he could be here. He really does.”

My mother chuckles, and takes us both by the hand. “Well, we should get you two settled in. The servants are going to take your things down to the guest house. Come on, let’s give Oliver a tour of the house.”

My mother walks slightly ahead of us, and I use the opportunity to steal a kiss from Oliver. We hear a giggle ahead of us. “You think she already knows?” Oliver whispers.

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