A dark, dusty hand punched upward through the mass of rubble, grabbing for air. The hand latched onto a twisted limb of metal and heaved the rest of the body out of the tower’s wreckage.

Grasshopper stood up, looking around at the devastation. It seemed the entire tower had fallen around him.

“Eagle…” he murmured. They had left him here, while they went away in the plane! He sobbed, suddenly remembering what had happened. He had been thinking, waiting in the plane for the others to return…Mug and Anonymous arrived, but it wasn’t them. They took him to the tower, and thrust him into a tank…he saw himself waving and leering at him just before he fell asleep in the watery confines…

They had the clone instead of him. Grasshopper seemed unusually calm now, and a wash of strength flooded his system. He grimly set his jaw and erupted with power, it flowing off him in giant tendrils. His shockwaves could be felt out to sea.

He exhaled. That felt good. He would go after them…

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