Yeah, I'm Laughing At You

She laughed in his face, then nervously stopped as she realized that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t a good idea to provoke someone who was clearly unhinged.

But instead of anger, an expression of puzzled surprise flickered across his face.

“What was that…sound you just made?”

She stared blankly. “Sound?”

“Yes, that sound you made. Almost musical, I suppose. You looked…it sounded like you were…” He frowned in frustration as the word evaded him.


His eyes lit up. “Yes, that’s it. I have to apologize, but Emotions are so outdated that I can barely ever remember what they’re called. The Apathy Council eliminated the silly things years ago.”

Her heart monitor beeped loudly in the silence. The disturbing realness of the people before her was starting to worry her.

“So why am I here? What are you doing to me?”

He smiled, and this time, she noticed that the smile was devoid of real happiness.

“We Harvest your Dreams. It’s what we’ve been doing since the moment you were born.”

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