Bandit of the Badlands

The Wyoming heat was dry and the sun was fierce and bright – an orange blaze that beat down on my back like the devil’s fist. I was so damn thirsty my insides burned like I’d swallowed a hot branding iron. I would have killed ten men just for a drink of piss water.

Being out there in the Badlands was quite a change of pace from the 8 by 10 jail cell I’d been living in for the past two months. At least prison had water – food too. Hell, some of the best meals I ever had were at the Johnson County Jail. I know that ain’t saying much, but they really knew how to cook. The gravy was so damn good I used to lick the plate clean.

I busted out of jail and killed two men back in Johnson County. The first was unsure of himself – too slow to the draw. The other man was better – a real gunslinger. I’m pretty sure the landowners paid him fighting wages in the Johnson County range war. He got too nervous and wild. I shot him 5 times in the face before he could even point his gun. At least he died with a gun in his hand.

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