Dropping Dunkin' Donuts

He merged into the crowd, coming from his sleeping spot in Central Park. He ruffled his hair and took a brisk pace. He would start searching for the man again today. He just needed some breakfast. Checking his watch (5 AM), He stepped inside a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts and emerged with a bag in hand.

The bag dropped to the ground as He saw a flash of orange. It’s him, He thought, and took off suddenly into the crowd.

The people stared at him as he rushed past, wool coat flapping slightly behind him. He barreled through a troop of girl scouts, and scared the crap (literally) out of at least ten flocks of pigeons. He just needed to reach the man…

But just as suddenly as the orange had appeared, it dissapated into the crowd. He wheeled frantically around, searching for any possible twinkle of the color.

He launched off again, hoping to see the man, but nothing came up. He sighed with frustration. He was so close...

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