Adrien's Secret

“You,” the man repeated. “It’s you…no, it’s not you. I won’t believe it. Not again.” His eyes became lifelike again.

“Why not? I’m Adrien. I’m Grasshopper,” Adrien said, staring darkly at the man before him.

“No…you’re not.”

Adrien scowled. “Fine. You’re Gregory Crenshaw. Your codename during our missions was Brass Eagle. Ten years ago, you left the Caretaker’s island without me, with my clone instead. I was in one of the tanks before I escaped, and I’ve been looking for you ever since.”

Gregory digested this. “How did you get off?”

“I…” Adrien’s eyes softened. “In the tank…I think the Caretaker put some of him…in me. I felt powerful, I felt…vengeful. I needed to find you and then, kill you. You had left me. It was the Caretaker saying that…I think.”

“You have the Caretaker inside you?” Greg’s eyes flashed with a momentary burst of fear.

“Yes,” Adrien said, and his eyes flashed blue for a second.

Greg paused. “Let’s go outside.” He stood up.

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