Dear Diary: Entry One

Dear Diary,
Why are things so hard? Why cant I just… I dont know… why cant I just be? How come it takes all my power just to keep breathing? I want to be beautiful, no not just beautiful, I want to be the most beautiful person ever. I cant handle being second best. I love Danny but I hate it when guys pay more attention to her than me. If my hair was a little longer, my boobs a little bigger, my face just a tad clearer, than I would be perfect. I’m 5’7” so being a cheerleader next year is going to be awkward. All the girls are so short, pretty, and mean. I’m not shirt, mean or particually pretty. Guys say I’m hott and sexy and all that bullshit but only one guy has told me I’m beautiful. I love him. It hurts so badly. Somtime I wish I hadnt met him because then I wouldnt have to know the pain of loving somone so much that you would suffer for eternity for them. Thats much more than just to die for them. Dieing is easy. My brother thought so, my Dad found out so. Now I have to live without them. It hurts.

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