The Day Everything Went Wrong...

Why did I do that?!? I messed everything up!!! I held his hand, and he definitely liked that, but that was Monday, and then Tuesday and every day since then he’s avoided me! He led me on! He made me think he liked me, and now he ignores me! He was my best friend, and I just want everything to go back to the way it was before the day everything went wrong… Now I’m mad at him, he ignores me, and our friends haven’t even noticed!!! Are they clueless or what?!? I really want to make things better between me and him, but I don’t have a CLUE how! I wish there was a manual that explained how to repair a broken friendship, because this is very confusing… And he’s overreacting, because its like he’s afraid that I’ll hold his hand or something if he even gets close to me…or am I overreacting? Should I just wait and see if everything goes back to normal? No, I’m not the sit back and wait kind of person….I really wish I knew what to say to make things better between us… Any advice…?

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