A Heart of Gold...The Other, Not So Much

The nurse gestured at Adrien’s still form. Greg looked worriedly at him, then at the nurse.

“He seems to have some type of trauma to the head, and his heart rate is abnormally high…” she said, unsure of Greg’s reaction.

He took it in. “What kind of truama?”

“We don’t know yet. We just need a few details from you, and we can diagnose it better.”

Greg frowned. “Um…we were walking in an alley, and he just…collapsed. Other than that, I really don’t know,” he said. No one would possibly believe the whole Caretaker story.

“Okay,” the nurse said, almost chewing on the end of her pen, then realizing she was in a hospital.

Suddenly, a doctor looked up. “The EEG ’s been going crazy for a while now. If we don’t do something soon, he might completely arrest.”

The nurse rushed past Greg’s worried face. She put a stethoscope to Adrien’s bare chest, moving it up and down. She frowned, then examined the EEG .

“He…” she began. “That pulse rate…he has…two hearts?”

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