A Night Gone Bad

I stepped towards the door. I can’t believed he invited me over.. I mean, ME, the quirky girl from 4th period’s chemistry class. Not Stephanie Evans, the popular cheer-leading captain which he shares all his classes with. Me, Lisa Martin, who has one class with him the whole day and me, the girl he’s never even noticed in study hall. Why? I don’t know, don’t ask me! I’m not the one who picked up the phone, called myself, and asked if I was free next Friday.

I finally gathered up the guts to ring the doorbell. His mustang was in the driveway. Obviously it was going to be a one-on-one night, considering that was the only car I saw.

His eyes!- they looked up at me. They shimmered in the porch light’s glow. “Ha, finally… you’ve made it!” he said, laughing. I tried to take a stab at humor, “Well, my guy on the side was busy tonight,” I laughed. I thought he wouldn’t have found it as humorous as I did. Why did I just say that I thought? He giggled and said, “I hope your kidding. I don’t like cheaters.”

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