Music and the corresponding people.

“I got the gift of one liners, and you got the curse of curves”
“I want someone provocative and talkative,
But its so hard
When your as shallow
as a shower.”
“So With the combination of my gift of one liners, and my way, my way with words, it seems im too hip to keep type lip…and your on the gossip team.Your making something out of nothing, and jelousys’, the cousin, the cousin of greed “

Cute is what we aim for. Curse of curves.
is what this song brings up, just like how Nick is to Red hot Chilie peppers.

But i never liked Nick, so this was never a problem…
But as Cute is what we aim for is quickly rising up my fav. band list, so is the band becoming = Kirk more and more.
Its his fav. band as well.. and this is a problem..because I do like him.
It’s distracting…
And frustrating when i cant talk or contact him, when im being reminded of him through music.
Hes eluding me, while the music is actively pursuing me, with its relations to him.
Sometimes, i submit to this torture…

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