Emergency Room Emergency

The nurses stopped dead and stared blankly at Adrien’s steady chest. Greg bobbed his mouth open and closed, like a fish.

“That’s…impossible!” the doctor finally stuttered.

“That’s what I got,” the nurse said, and a few others went to him with their stethoscopes, comfirming the answer.

“That’s crazy…but I suppose we have to treat him with whatever we’ve got,” the doctor said, tracing a circle on Adrien’s chest with one finger. Suddenly Adrien’s arm shot out, clutching the doctor’s arm in a vise-like grip. His eyes shot open, spewing crimson light around the blank walls. His jaw was set firmly and his muscles rippled under flesh.

The doctor cried out and jerked away, but Adrien had a death-grip on him. “What’s happening?!” he cried, looking wildly at Greg.

Greg rushed over. “Adrien, snap out of it!” Adrien’s red eyes slightly shifted over to Greg, and toned down a little.

“Adrien!” Greg roared. Adrien’s hold on the doctor released, and his eyes diminished.

“Eagle?” he murmured.

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